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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  April 18, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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. coming up next, flames rip through indianapolis threatening historic buildings. orioles on the road, another play other hurt and there's a clear and chilly start to this sunday, will things warmup? tim williams has your forecast. bring your four-legged friends to the park today. how you can raise money by walking for the animals. this is wjz tv, wjz hd and baltimore. from the city, to the counties
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to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. a chilly start to a comfortable day, just a little bit cool. a nice night to have blankets and maybe the furnace. >> that's what i did. >> got down to close to freezing. temperatures outside, looking outside, it's comfortable with cool temperatures, the winds will not be as blustery, not as gusty, going to be more, feels more april-like. we're looking at temperatures up to 59 degrees, yesterday we were many the low 60s. breezy with clouds peeking through the sun.
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41 tonight. tomorrow, looking at partly sunny conditions, getting into the range of 70 degrees. we'll talk about that. >> thank you. now here's what people will be talking about this morning, firefighters trying to determine what caused flames to break out less than a block away from the state house yesterday. is this the third of the fires that have damaged buildings in the state's capital. >> reporter: throngs of people in were there. maryland avenue next to the state house, it starts in a wall between buildings and numbers of tenants above. >> someone poked their head in the shop and said there's smoke on the street. he started spraying between the
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buildings and called 9-1-1. >> the owner of the yellow building are overcome with emotions. the owner of another building came to comfort her. >> i was concerned for another land lord or anyone who has a fire in a historic district. when a fire happens, it's tragic tragic. >> reporter: it brought back memories of 2005 when several historic buildings wiped out another chunk of history. part of the problem is air spaces between the building. >> when the fire gets in the void space you can't see it until it burns through. some of the void spaces will be several buildings long. >> reporter: the void is where this fire started.
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this art gallery planned an opening on thursday, they got a call saying the building was on fire. >> once everything is fixed, we'll be back in business. >> reporter: there was a lot of water all over the place and tenants had to find alternative housing and they're checking for structural problems. >> one was historic and the other was rebuilt in the 1990s. patrols in several neighborhoods after 5 shootings this week. it happen friday night. it left a 24-year-old man dead. they rushed another victim to the hospital and he's expected to survive. among the four others, two were fatal and two related to home invasions. >> we do know that none of them at this point appear to be related to each other but they are related to illegal drug
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activity. we have some good leads and identified a person of interest in one of the home invasion cases. >> the other happened in the 1100 block of north milton avenue. right now police are searching for suspects. >> residents in the waiverly neighborhood taking action, members of the community are hitting the streets with a powerful message. >> the murder of a security guard this month shocked the waiverly community. he was picking up dinner at a neighborhood carry-out restaurant when he was shot in a robbery. then a 22-year-old shot on the street just blocks from a busy farmer's market. now residents are fighting back. >> the rash of recent crime
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in the wavery will community. >> if you're coming to green mount with your bad behavior, we have something in store for you. >> sending a positive message for visiters. >> i shop, live and own a business and we want you to feel comfortable coming here. >> residents took to the streets from north to south waverly street. >> walk because you care about this neighborhood and you want to keep it great. >> in the face of adverse city, baltimore's true spirit shines through. >> with yours re-opening on the fire house, residents hope for the best. >> it helps when public service is this 24 hours a day,
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it can't hurt. >> reporter: jessica kartalija, wjz news. in montgomery county, police find a key piece of evidence in the murder of a washington d.c. school principal. someone shot and killed him in his home last week and his vehicle went missing. now the blue nissan suv turned up in washington d.c. and they're searching it for clues. the students are wondering why he was a victim of such a violent crime. >> he was a great person and did so much for so many. >> he had belief in kids that they could believe in themselves. >> it's senseless, it's a tragedy that is a tremendous loss. >> they didn't find any sign of forced entry and don't believe it was a random attack. they are pleading were anyone with information to come
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forward. police release their report on a train accident that killed a man on saturday. it happened north of capital heights. the man was trapped under the train against the platform but believe he was on the tracks intentionally. police are still investigating. the countdown of freaknik began before the first race of the annual spring meeting, the ashes of the general manager was spread across the track. they held a memory -- the orioles try for a win in oakland with the 8-game winning street. he injures his leg running down the line and had to leave the game. there's word the third baseman
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will be sidelined for a few days. ryan hit a game-winning shot for oakland. orioles has their 9th loss in a row. i don't know if they're playing with baseball bats or shovels with the hole they're digging. it will turn around eventually, but man, when you start so far behind. how long before they get mentally defeated. >> it will be nice out today. >> pretty nice. that's relatively speaking. if you like cool temperatures, it will be dry. not as much wind, not very warm. you will need a jacket. >> i'll get my jacket. >> we're looking at a forecast, this sunday a nice day, cool temperatures from the northwest. looking at what is going on. cool temperatures filtering in.
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the winds have been from the northwest, low pressure to the northeast responsible for the cloud cover. it's combination of the two that makes it feel a little gloomy, a little chilly. high pressure is dominating the forecast now so for the most part, a pretty comfortable day, the winds are definitely going to be part of the factor today, just again, not as blustery as yesterday but one of those things. 38 for the temperature, just as of about 5 minutes ago and temperatures now in the 40s across the area and that was at the airport. 31 in oakland. 37 in ocean city. 43 in washington. now that the sun is up, we're going to start to warm up pretty nicely. the winds are calm around the area. we have a northwest wind at 7 miles per hour. 15 down in packs river.
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nine at washington, 6 in hagerstown and in elkton. we have a few dynamics in place, low pressure up in new england that is kicking and even seeing snow up towards new york and downstream of lake erie. we have a front that stalled and with the low pressure around texas -- that's going to stay to the south. as it gets towards our region and by the end of the week, we're going to see the potential for some rain. high pressure keeping us in the dry -- zone. the front stays to the south but the low again is going to keep the rain around the carolinas and virginia but it will eventually pull in enough moisture that along with the front from the west, we see the potential for showers coming up. we'll talk about that next
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week. the sunset at 7:47. northwest winds on the bay at 10-15 knots gusting to 20. getting calls from fisherman. they want to know where the hot spots are going to be. 59 degrees, breezy with clouds and sun. 41 tonight, milder than last night. we'll see some areas down chill chilly. and temperatures going up to about 70 degrees over the next 5 days. a chance of showers by the end the end the end of the week. 66 on friday. lows in the 40-degree range. >> my weekend is tuesday, wednesday. >> those will be nice days. just for you. >> thank you. >> i do what i can. >> still ahead on eyewitness
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news. medical bills how a nine-year- old boy paid for his own open- heart surgery. a 300-thousand-dollar fine for new york's oldest library. >> a live look for a good cause. here's the lottery numbering we'll be right back. ,,
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right now. 1-9. things are not where they should be for this time of the year. first warning doppler, is this a story of how art imitates life. is this real life, look at the disturbance around texas, low pressure there. low pressure around new england. that low around texas will track in our direction by stay to the south. the way it shapes up, the thunderstorms to our south will stay there. the jet stream separates us from cold air and warm air, we are going to be on the warm side. how it plays out, 59 degrees, breezy with clouds and sun. a mild night. the average low now around 37 degrees. and then looking at 65 degrees on route to a few days of 70 degrees in the middle of the week. we'll have your five-day forecast coming up. thank you. first, turning to some of the other stories people are
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talking about. a nine-year-old boy helps to pay for his own open-heart surgery by selling autograph copies of his surgery on e-bay. he post his story called luna on e bay for $10 per copy he raised 12,000 dollars and was able to undergo the surgery last month. he got the idea by watching his mother who runs an on-line business herself. the shuttle undocked from the space station, the 7 on board set to arrive at kennedy space center tomorrow. the next one will launch on may 14th. if george washington were alive today, he will be facing an overdue library fine. >> the first president has racked up late fees on two
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books he borrow and never returned. one was on international relations, another on debate from the british parliament. >> both were due in 1789. if he used those books to get more money from the french to win the revolutionary war. it's okay. >> money well spent. >> it's okay, rest in peace. >> forgive the fine. >> that is right. thousands and hundreds of animal lovers gathering today. >> there's the 15th annual march for the animals, wjz is live and here to tell us about the event. good morning. >> hello, how are you? >> hundreds of people out there, you were telling me yesterday, you were in studio and telling me how many people
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came last year and hoping to surpass it. >> reporter: last year he had a record 5,000 people come to druid hill park for march for the animal, it's our biggest event of the year, we have a little bit of something for everybody, you can see we have the disk dogs here. >> how much money was raised last year? >> we are -- a non-profit, hoping to raise $300,000 and surpass last year. >> i imagine with that many people anne arundel, that many and malls, it could be chaotic. >> the dogs do well, they behavior. we have games about contests, there's a pet costume contests. a lot to keep them busy.
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>> it's not just for dogs and cats, people with turtles and lizards, all those people as well. >> we have the snake here, there's accepter different pets, you can bring a stuffed animal, a sign in memory of an animal. >> a lot of people ask how you keep a top hat on a snake. >> it's double-stick tape i'm told. is there a registration process? >> there's a registration, $40 goats goat -- gets you a t- shirt and a bandanna. registration at 9:00. the walk is at 10:00. >> that's how to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the maryland center. >> a top hat on a snake, that's a first for me.
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>> i haven't seen it. i'm not a big snake love, if i never see one again, that's fine fine. coming up. >> reporter: it's a big bay and it takes a big effort to find someone in trouble. that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're looking at temperatures around 59 degrees
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and 65 tomorrow, 66 on tuesday, 70 on wednesday and thursday with 66 on friday. >> as the days get longer, thousands of boaters find their way on the bay. >> that's brought a lot of agencies together for search and rescue work. the coast guard may get the call for help, but on the chesapeake, not one can do it all. >> where there's distress, the first search is the best search, we launch as many from as close as possible. >> they were brought to the bay for search and rescue teams. ground work here determines who does what in an emergency. >> it depends on the situation, if we're the closest unit, if we are going to support nature. >> the boat that can get to trouble fastest gets the call. it's natural resources police
8:26 am
and county police and fire departments. the coast guard can bring in helicopters but they perform 400 search and rescue efforts, most are over land but the same tools are used over water as well. >> we can put an aircraft on scene a lot quicker than the coast guard maybe able to do. >> hardware and hi-tech can speed up the rescue but the simple devices can buy a person in trouble crucial time. >> wearing a life jacket is paramount importance. >> because not every plunge is expected and not everyone overboard is easy to find. >> the coast guard's sector responsible for 9000 square
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coverage continues with gigi barnett, and meteorologist tim williams, it's wjz, maryland's news station. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams, at the bottom of your hour on your april 18th. chilly start to the morning, some frost in the out lying areas. it's been a cold 24 hours with winds blowing through and cooled down from the 84 degrees on friday and as you see with the orioles, the winds blowing, not as gusty but it will be part of the forecast on this day. looking at your forecast today and tonight, 59 degrees, breezy with times of clouds and sun. we'll see some blue skies,
8:31 am
partly cloudy skies and tomorrow partly cloudy with more sun tomorrow. 65 degrees, warmer, we'll have your forecast in in a few moments. fire investigators searching for the cause of a blaze that ripped through the annapolis district. the flames broke out a block away from the state house. throngs of people heading to an event at st. john's college when the fire broke out. fire trucks crowd the street next to the state house. the four-alarm fire starts in the walls between buildings housing a tobacco shop and an art building. >> someone poked their head in and said there's smoke on the street and he grabbed the fire extinguisher and called 9-1-1.
8:32 am
>> it's hard to see buildings from the 1600s burn. the owner of another building came. >> i was concerned for another landlord or anyone who would have a fire in a historic beautiful. it's so beautiful when a fire happens, it's so tragic. >> it brought back memories of 2005 when several historic buildings burned on main street. it wiped out another chunk of history. part of the problem is air spaces between the building. >> many times when the fire gets in the void space, you can't see it until it burns through. with the historic structures, some of the void spaces are several buildings long. >> reporter: the void space is where this fire started. this art gallery planned to open on thursday. the owners are not discouraged.
8:33 am
>> once everything is fixed, we'll be back in business. >> reporter: the smoke shop owner said there was a lot of water and tenants had to find alternate housing and checking for a structural problem. one of the buildings damaged was historic. the other was rebuilt in the 1990s. following breaking news, one person is dead after a single-vehicle accident. the driver crashed into a tree near york and ridge brooke roads it happened around 4:00 this morning. no word on the cause or the victim's name. travelers feeling the effects of a volcano in ice land. they don't see an end to sight. the ash could cause plane engines to fail.
8:34 am
it has canceled flights and could be a threat for people with breathing problems and they're telling residents of iceland and the uk to stay inside. the ash canceled trips to several world leaders heading to the funerals of the poland president lech kaczynski. he and his wife were among 96 people killed when their plane crashed last saturday. hundreds of russia adoptions may be on hold for people in the u.s. after a mother sends a boy back to russia on the flight by himself. >> reporter: in harford county,
8:35 am
it's full. their parents adopted them from russia years ago. >> sometimes you wig out and say what are we doing and then you calm down and know it's the right thing. >> now they want one more. their 15-year-old sister who is still in an orphanage. >> we can't leave her there. they age out and they're sent on their way and their out look is grim. >> it may not be as smooth. an 8-year-old boy was sent back by his american mother and she put him on a one-way flight alone. they're heading to russia for talks but some adoption agencies are concerned. >> families concerned about if they can proceed with their plans to adopt a child from russia. i certainly understand their concern and have been trying to give them frequent updates as to what we are hearing.
8:36 am
>> reporter: they say they haven't received any word about their adoption and so they're proceeding with the paper work and being cautious and optimistic. >> she knows we want to come and get her and she was very receptive and that's good. now it's a matter of time. >> before they're all together again. >> reporter: 1800 russia children were adopted in the u.s. last year. congress and the white house take aim at the financial industry. democrats are proposing a bill to crack down on abuses by big banks and financial firms. it would create a watchdog to protect consumers and make it harder to get bailout money for the institutions. >> it will force banks to pay for bad decisions they make. >> the bill faces heavy opposition, all 41 senators
8:37 am
have signed a letter opposing in its current form but not clear if they have to votes to block it when it comes up. >> it's time for a spring tradition, the first warm days of the year means it's time to get your house in order inside and out. the city encouraged 4,000 people to start their spring cleaning now. >> to look at this block. >> i use by bad hand. >> reporter: nothing looks out of the ordinary. but just listen. and you'll hear something extraordinary. it ought to be asked. >> today is the mayor's cleanup. >> if it's called the mayor's cleanup, one would expect to see the mayor. >> just happened now. >> while the mayor and her daughter and neighborhood kids plant flowers, others plant the seeds of success. >> to have a better approach
8:38 am
when people come in. >> the bigger impact is what the communities are doing, not the fact that i stopped by, but the fact they're coming together. >> it's about neighbors coming out and doing projects with each other and building relationships on the block. >> we are doing things together in the neighborhood. >> as the community comes together. >> the mayor made 4 stops as part of the spring cleanup plan. it's hauled away 20,000-tons of spring cleanup trash. speaking of cleanup, could the inner harbor be clean enough to jump in or catch a fish? a group wants to make the harbor swimmability and fishable within the next ten years. the group is unveiling a proposal for floating wetlands that filter and oxygenate the
8:39 am
water. that would be unique. >> i don't know. >> watch out for the swimmers. >> and the other boats. >> could be dangerous. >> i'll give a few years, maybe 20. >> definitely the water about 60 degrees for the bay temperature. it will take a while to warm up. looking at the current temperatures, 41 degrees, 38 in elkton. 32 in oak land and 41 in cumberland. parts of the area got around freezing overnight. 9 is the wind speed from the northwest. elkton at 10 miles per hour.
8:40 am
7 in cumberland. the northwest win is helping some cool air settle over the region. we have some clouds out there as a result of a low pressure system spinning off of the coast and that's kicking clouds in our direction. that's why the sun is not prominent today. there's a low pressure system around texas that tracks due east in our region by wednesday into thursday. going to follow the path of a front and going to help keep it to your south. we keep the chance of showers as another bit of a front moves in. the chances of showers increase by thursday into friday into the week but seeing cool air in place until then. we warm up to about 70 degrees through the week and after that, we get knocked back again as the rain makes its way in the region. high pressure dominating, looking for dry conditions, cool, sunset at 7:47. a small craft advisory through
8:41 am
this afternoon, 9:58 is your next high tide. looking at temperatures around 59 degrees, breezy at times today with times of clouds and sun. 41 tonight. partly cloudy and tomorrow up to about 65 degrees, partly cloudy and for the next five days, 70 degrees for wednesday and thursday with a chance of showers by the end of the week. lows in the 40. still ahead, time is running out to find the perfect prom dress, we'll have local high school students students in the studio this morning to help. a good reason to take your pet to prude druid hill park to raise money for animals in need. ,,,,,,,, bacon? gotta get that bacon!
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tough crowd here. tough room. >> it's hard to please them. take your pet out for a day of fun and exercise in druid hill park. >> thousands gather for the march of the animals. you are expecting a large crowd and hoping to raise a lot of money. >> we are, it's the biggest event of the year for the maryland fpca. we're hoping to see about 10,000 people, very excited. >> this is the biggest fundraiser, the more people, the more money. >> there's a donation, for $40 you get as a cute t-shirt and bandanna and helps us find homes for pets and say and neuter. >> you're talking about a doggy bag to take home, but also people can walk in packs
8:46 am
and name their packs for how they walk around. >> we have packs, fun raising and it's businesses, friends, they get their name on the t- shirt. >> i've been there for like the last three years and there are a lot of interesting things to see like i think it was the dogs that perform, can you tell us more about what folks can see? even folks who don't have animals. >> you don't have to have a pet, mid atlantic doing their tricks, they're amazing, we have an agility course to take their own dogs through which is a lot of fun. >> thank you. we wish you well with the event. we know that you have turtles and snakes with top hats, it's a lot going on. >> thanks for the weather, tim. >> druid hill park. still ahead, sunday morning, prom season is almost
8:47 am
among us, we'll take a look at the latest trends and styles to help you find the best dress. that's when we come back. (announcer) ,,,,,, for sparkling dishes that shine,
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8:50 am
we want to highlight some students, let's talk about the accessories quickly. you need to have something to go along with the dress. >> no question. we try to make sure it's one- stop shopping, we start off with any undergarmets to cover up, make sure things don't show they don't want to show and going onto accessories. bracelet, earrings, shoes, every color. the big thing is statement pieces. we want things that make a statement. it's a big night, they're wearing big dresses. >> getting to our girls making a statement. >> who is this? >> she goes to mercy high school, she's wearing a gown that has a lot of flounce and fun. she's a gorgeous young lady. >> are short dresses in now, or is it the long pieces? >> short dresses have become a
8:51 am
staple of jr. prom but sr. proms because they're gorgeous and detailed. >> thank you. >> the next model, next is diane, she's a student at franklin and wearing a gown that has a little bit of a mermaid going on but enough freedom to dance the night away. >> i don't know what i maybe looking at, shoulders are out this season. is that a trend? >> this is called fit and flair. this mermaid style. >> it's a sweet heart neckline. who's next? >> lauren goes to reservoir high school, she has a fly away gown. i have another beautiful girl. >> kathrine. >> thank you.
8:52 am
sorry, she is wearing a beaded gown with a fly away front and as you can see, gorgeous. >> look at the bling around hereaways, is it in? >> it's always in. >> not afraid of color, that was a lot of color splash there. >> who's next? >> now we have lauren, she's wearing a beautiful gown. >> see the back, it's a wow dress, a beautiful train. >> i don't think we saw the back of the dress, if we can pan up or tilt up. that's what i'm talking about. >> a lot of girls this has a back louse back and adds for interest. >> how many are parents paying for this? >> we have things in every
8:53 am
price range, the question is how much detail you want. if you come in with a budget, we will meet it. most are about $250 to $450. >> this is slone, this is a wonderful young lady, a proud member of the staff, she is wearing another trend, it's the knit jersey gown. what is great, it fits every figure fabulously instantly. >> for a dress like this, you want to have the big piece, you need a lot of jewelry to go with it. >> either big rings or big pair of earringses. with or without it, they will look fabulous. the dates are going to be proud to have them with them. >> looking at the models, the web site on the page and
8:54 am
weekend morning edition, you can see it again and get the information. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ,,,, boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on!
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looking another 65, 70 for went and thursday with a chance of showers for the end of the week. you can watch the 45th annual country awards tonight on cb s. see it here on wjz 13. that's our report for sunday morning. as we leave you, we're talking to karyn and you do a lot of other things too at the boutique. >> anything you're looking for for girls, teens, clothing, accessories, jewelry, one-stop shopping. >> if you were a guy picking up the prom date, you may not know the things they did, you just know. >> have the flower ready and make sure it matches the dress.
8:57 am
>> from all of the different high schools, big prom season underway. >> huge. >> that's our show, thank you. we'll be right back tonight at 6:30, join us for eyewitness news, of course we're maryland's news station. cbs sun morning is next, have a ,,,, ♪ ♪ ♪ do, do, do it together ♪ do, do it together
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